1,732 Consecutive Miracles

I tell newcomers to sobriety all the time that every day without a drug or drink is a miracle! I have a counter on my phone and this morning out of curiosity I took a look and was stunned by the number. I do not say this from an egotistical standpoint but from a place of humility as it truly shows just how far I have come by NOT doing things my way. That is 1,732 consecutive days that I have not put a drug or drink into my body, which I did not have the ability to do on my own. I keep me drunk and high but WE keep me sober. It is far too easy to lose sight of some of those core fundamentals. Another friend in recovery regularly makes the statement that “If I don’t get out of the basics, I don’t have to get back into them.” That is my mantra today: “Keep it simple, trust God and others, stay out of the way, and don’t forget where you came from.” My goal for today is to keep fresh in my mind the physical, psychological, and emotional pain that years of addiction brought with it and to carry a message of hope when I talk with others who are struggling.