A How-To Guide to Sobriety – Part 1

Sobriety is something I am very passionate about. I care very much about my people and it breaks my heart to see them succumb to this awful disease. One of the hardest truths to swallow is that everyone is not gonna survive. It is so often that I get asked “What do I do?” How do I get sober?” Well, unfortunately I do not know of one right answer. For the first few years of sobriety my answer would have been a 12-step program every single time. Last year, however, we lost someone in our community that had been in and out of the rooms for 20+ years, had been through the steps with numerous sponsors and it just did not work for her. An argument could be made I suppose that she just was not honest with herself or something to that effect but knowing her it is hard for me to truly believe she did not do everything in her power to stay sober. She would put a year, two years together, build her life back up, then relapse and tear it all back down. Then last year she relapsed for the last time and lost her battle alone, on her couch. It made me sick to my stomach. But, the point remains that she could not get sober and maintain that sobriety with a 12-step program for whatever reason. From that day I have met numerous people who have gotten clean and sober in different ways but I have come up with a basic outline of what EVERY one of those people, including myself, have in common in our sobriety. Sometime in the next week or so I am going to get it down and post it here as a separate page and hopefully it will be simple enough to at least give someone a jumpstart on their journey. If I can help just one person all the prep work and personal time invested will be well worth it. I hope everyone is having a great day today! God bless.