A-Z Gratitude

Sometimes I like to put down an A-Z gratitude list, just to keep my mind in check. I usually do it on notebook paper but today I thought I would post it here. Please feel free to comment with things you are grateful for in life. With so much garbage floating around social media and all the darkness in the world, some positive affirmations are always a good thing. Here goes:

A – Anna, my wife. She is great, a hard worker, an incredible mother, and a blessing in my life.

B – Bread. Even though I am doing low-carb and have to largely stay away from bread right now, I still love it.

C – Cars. I am fortunate to have two paid off vehicles and I am very grateful for that.

D – Direction. I spent most of my life not knowing if I was coming or going and it is nice to have goals to be working toward.

E – Eggs. Eggs are delicious and a large part of my low-carb diet.

F – Freedom. I am free from the bondage of “self-will run riot,” at least, most of the time I am.

G – Gum. I have been nicotine free for a little over a year and gum has been my go-to substitute (nicotine free gum).

H – Harper, my daughter. She is a funny and smart and has really been a blessing in my life. Watching her grow is one of the greatest gifts anyone could hope for.

I – Icecream. Enough said.

J – Jigsaw. I have a jigsaw and it is awesome. What a grown up way to look at things.

K – Krispy-Kreme. If you don’t know why I am grateful for them, you need to check your priorities.

L – Lindsey, our male butterfly Betta fish. We have an unspoken bond, mainly because he doesn’t speak.

M – Mustard. I like mustard on almost everything.

N – Naps. I do not get many of these, but I sure am grateful when I do.

O – Oliver, my son. He has had a rough go of it his first year and a half in the world but he is still just a happy, funny kid.

P – Pizza. As if any other word goes here.

Q – This is a tough one, but I am gonna have to go with Quesadillas, because they are Quesadillas.

R – Relaxation. Just getting some time for self-care and relaxation is a key to good spiritual growth.

S – Steak. That is all I need to put here.

T – Turtles. I love turtles. They are so chill, they take their time, they almost never seem angry (except snapping turtles), what a cool existence plus they carry their home on their backs which is rad.

U – Underwear. I can’t imagine life without a barrier between my nethers and my outside clothes.

V – Violins. I really enjoy listening to classical music on Violins, or any stringed instrument for that matter.

W – Watermelon. It’s my favorite fruit.

X – Xylophones? I dunno, not really a whole lot of X words that I can think of for gratitude.

Y – Yesterday. Yesterday serves as a lesson for me to learn and build from, if I am willing to do so.

Z – Zaxby’s. This will always be on my gratitude list for two reasons. 1. Not a whole lot of Z-words to choose from. 2. Zaxby’s is delicious.

I hope if your read this far that maybe this helped you to find some sense of gratitude. As I said before, please feel free to comment, share, etc. and keep coming back, thanks!

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