When Justification Isn’t Justified

Justification is one of my biggest faults. I can justify anything in my head. I always come up with the best reasons for whatever I have justified and when I get my head wrapped up in that nonsense, I’m essentially cutting off my nose to spite my face. My justifying of anything is generally my own self-will trying to sell me on my own BS. It is also a paramount example of me not being honest with myself about a situation. For example, say I were to drop a small piece of garbage on the ground while trying to get it in a garbage can and I noticed that I dropped it; but, I also noticed WAY more garbage nearby that wasn’t picked up. My initial thought SHOULD be that I should pick up what garbage I can see because it is the right thing to do. My justifying thought follows more along the lines of “well, compared to all THAT garbage, the little bit I dropped is insignificant.” Well, there I go justifying why I shouldn’t only not be responsible for other people’s messes, but why I shouldn’t even be held responsible for my own mess!! Man, I can convince myself of pretty much anything I set my mind to. I have found that following the brilliant advice I drum up in my  head does not lead me in a spiritually beneficial direction. In fact, failure to spot check myself and fix those immediate false justifications and correct my behavior has a negative impact on my spiritual well-being. Today I hope that I can build on these small bits of clarity and I wish you all a fantastic week!