31-Day Spiritual Principle Meditation Guide: Day 1 – Honesty

For the last few days, I have been contemplating putting together a spiritual principle meditation guide. I initially had thought maybe a 12 to 14-day outline but as I was searching for a viable list, I came across a list of 31 spiritual principles and it hit me like a slap to the face, this is it! 31 days in the longest of months, 31 spiritual principles, incredible! Moving on, today is day 1 and the spiritual principle that sits at the top of the list is honesty. Honesty is the cornerstone of spirituality and spiritual growth. More specifically, self-honesty is paramount to any semblance of a spiritual foundation. Self-honesty tells me that I, not drugs and alcohol, am the problem. So often alcoholics and drug addicts, and family members alike, place the blame on the drugs, other people, a bad lot in life, etc. But the fact is that there are people who are normal, who can have a beer or two and be okay. There are people who can put personal responsibilities and other people above their instinctual drive to feed the beast living inside their head. For me, and people like me, the problem is not the alcohol or the drugs, the problem is how we process those things and the resulting behavior. So, being honest with myself gives me an advantage over the chemical imbalance in my brain. Knowing that I can not successfully use alcohol or drugs, and that any attempts to do so will be futile, lifts me into a different plane of perception. It also creates in me the ability to be honest with others. I lived so much of my life being dishonest with myself that I was almost incapable of being honest with other people. Today I am able to be more honest than I ever have before, and I face the reality of who and what I am. The active application of the spiritual principle of honesty has given me a life of happiness and peace. Thank you for reading, please like, follow, and share as much as you can, every little bit helps further the message of hope!

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” – Thomas Jefferson