31-Day Spiritual Guide: Day 3 – Willingness

So day three of our spiritual journey brings us to willingness. It’s so funny, today at work I had a conversation with a guy who was telling me he needed help and the discussion led into willingness. He said that he was willing to do whatever it takes because he is ready for change. I asked him if he had ever felt that way before, if he had ever sought help. He stated that had been in treatment twice but he relapsed both times. I asked him why he thought he relapsed and he said I honestly don’t know. The conversation moved along for a bit but we circled back to willingness. It brought to my mind a time when I was speaking to my counselor in treatment and he asked me if I was willing to do whatever it took to stay sober. I, of course, said YES!! I WILL DO ANYTHING!! He then asked me to think of the craziest and most irrational thing I did to get my next fix when I was still actively using. After thinking a few mins a told him what I thought was the craziest thing and he then asked if I would be willing to do THAT to stay sober. I had a haunting blast of clarity smack me right in the face that day. I clearly would NOT have gone to the same lengths to stay sober that I would have to stay drunk or high. The whole time I had been sober I thought I had a grasp on this willingness stuff but at that moment I knew I had no clue. He assured me that if I put even a tenth of the effort into staying sober that I put into staying drunk and high, I would not only be able to stay sober, but to have a successful and productive life. Boy he sure was right. I got the opportunity today to share a personal experience with someone like me who is still in that mental war between the addiction and the desire to do something different. I have no clue if it even registered with him but it helped me by keeping my perspective on the fact that not too long ago, I was exactly where he was today. Hopefully he can find the same peace and serenity that I have been gifted with and turn things around to improve his life. In it’s simplest form, willingness can be summed up as just remaining in a state of mind that doing the next right thing, taking the suggestions of those who have been sober a good while to heart, and by applying all the other spiritual principles to my everyday life. Thanks for reading!

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.” – Niccolo Machiavelli