31-Day Meditation Guide: Day 5 – Surrender

Surrender is such a daunting word, especially for those trying to recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. As if the addiction, and everyone around you who simply do not understand, don’t make you feel bad enough, the idea that I have surrender to get better seems foreign at best. What is it that I have to surrender? What does that mean? I don’t want to lose who I am! I don’t want to lose what I know! WHAT DOES SURRENDER MEAN? I looked up the many definitions of surrender and I think the most fitting one goes along the lines of “abandoning oneself entirely to (insert appropriate noun here).” Basically, yielding to the force creating the chaos in my life and accepting that I could not fight the battle on my own. This became my version of surrender. I always viewed surrendering as a sign of weakness, a sign of utter defeat. Today my view of surrender is a bit different. I do not see surrender as a sign of failure, but as the precursor to victory! I found something that had more power than I did and I tapped into that power, and do my best to stay tapped into that power, and the result is that I am clean and sober today because of that fact. When I had made the decision to quit 1,000 times over, and always found myself drunk and/or high again, surrender got me out of that cycle. Surrender took me from failure to success! Thanks for reading, hope everyone has a great day!

“The moment of surrender is not when life is over. It’s when life begins.” – Marianne Williamson