31-Day Spiritual Guide: Day 11 – Perseverance

Oh how easy it is to get discouraged in early recovery! Actually, it is easy to get discouraged in recovery, period. It is easy to get discouraged in life, and it’s even easier to give up. Perseverance is the Kryptonite to discouragement. To persevere means to push forward despite how hard things get. It’s the ability to accept that things are difficult and that it’s not always gonna be birthday cakes and unicorns; but if I push through and keep fighting I will see the light on the other side. Perseverance is continuing to work hard when the pain is almost unbearable, knowing that my continued efforts will end with peace and serenity. Today I will keep fighting, I will keep pushing forward, I will keep my head up and help encourage others to do the same. After all, we persevere because we have seen the hope of a productive, sober lifestyle in someone else and we know it is a reality for us as well! God bless everyone, have a great night!

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