31-Day Spiritual Guide: Day 12 – God-Centeredness

God-centeredness, simply put, is the polar opposite of self-centeredness. My addiction-fueled lifestyle was all about me and my selfish, self-serving will. I was so selfish and self-centered I actually had no clue that I was either of those things. Now, before I go much further I would like to address the ever-daunting word “God.” While I have my belief in my higher power, God, that word can be discouraging to the newcomer. They walk in from whatever fresh hell they survived this go ’round, and the first thing that catches their attention is “God” and they think “great, a bunch of looney fanatics.” This, mixed with the way others treatment are the more common factors that run them off. This same thing happened to me early on. I thought I knew everything you could know about God, religion, the Bible, etc. and there wasn’t a drunk in the world that could teach me if a sober pastor couldn’t teach me! *HINT: The pastors, Bible, God, and drunks weren’t the problem* It took me a while of begrudgingly looking for God’s blessings until I quit seeking them out and they started slapping me in the face. One of the acronyms for God that I have always found beneficial is one my counselor told me early on: Good Orderly Direction. If I am being honest with myself, my selfish and self-centered lifestyle is not good, orderly, or bearing any resemblance of direction. So, by that logic, it stands to reason that God-centeredness would be the opposite of self-centeredness. There is no need to think past that, especially in early recovery. My goal even now and moving forward is to continue in a pattern of Good Orderly Direction, and hopefully those I come into contact with will see God in me, and start asking questions! God bless everyone, it’s been a long day and I need some shut-eye.

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