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Recently, there have been some things in my personal life that have had me, well, anxious to say the least. I joked with a coworker earlier today that I hadn’t been nauseous for this many consecutive days since I was detoxing off of heroin. We had a good laugh. Anyway, as I said I have had some particularly concerning circumstances come up recently, a few of them actually and I have been anxious, terrified, and unsure of what steps I can take to help remedy these issues. This morning, however, I received some news that pretty much lifted the entire weight off of my shoulders, at least for the most part. It was refreshing to hear that the thing I was fearful of was self-constructed in my overworking brain. I feel like my mind has slowed to a steady pace instead of trying to run a marathon. It is such a great feeling to know that despite my recent issues, I did not have to drink or drug over them. I got through them sober and while there is still some things looming over that are left to deal with, I feel I am much closer to the light on the other side. I hope everyone has a great weekend, God bless!

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  1. I’m a recovering addict as well. I make all sorts of crack jokes from time to time. Your free writing is awesome and a reader can really get into what your saying easily.
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