31-Day Spiritual Guide: Day 14 – Vigilance

I tell people all the time, especially those who are fresh in recovery, that I am extremely protective of my sobriety. This is where today’s topic comes in, vigilance. To be vigilant is to keep a careful watch over, to take steps to protect, and to set measures in place to prevent. This is how I approach my sobriety, day in and day out. What has worked for me is something that has become a part of my daily life. The old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies perfectly. For example, if I want to blow up a low tire and using a pump gets the air I need in my tire, then next time I will use that same method. It wouldn’t make much sense to try and blow up the low tire with a half-eaten burrito now would it? Of course not, so if what I am doing, and the way I am doing it has me in a good place where I am no longer dependent on alcohol and/or drugs, it would not make much sense to try something else. The continued efforts to grow spiritually keep me from getting bored, which is a plus. But I have to remain vigilant. I have to keep doing the things that have been working, and watching out for the signs that I am slipping. I have to keep accountability and talk things out, write things out. I have to remember that my way of thinking kept me drunk and high, and the new way of thinking that I have learned through the processes I used to get clean and sober is why I am still sober. I am pretty confident that I will remain vigilant for the rest of today, and I can only hope I wake up tomorrow with the same kind of resolve and determination in my efforts to keep my sobriety intact. I wish everyone a fantastic weekend, good vibes, and many blessings!

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