31-Day Spiritual Guide: Days 15 & 16 – Self-Discipline, Sharing and Caring

Being that I did not get one of these up yesterday, I decided to do a combo post for these three. First up is self-discipline. I could talk all day about how horrible I am at being self-disciplined. For example, I have been perpetually starting a diet on Monday for a couple years now. One might think, being that I have found a way out of the misery that is addiction to a productive sober life, that I am incredibly self-disciplined. In some aspects that is likely true, but I do not discount the effect others have had on my recovery. I didn’t get sober on my own, so my sobriety is not entirely dependent on self-discipline. Not only have I survived a heroin addiction, I am a bit over a year nicotine free. But, again, I did not get this way on my own, I prayed for help and through a series of events that normally didn’t happen to me I found myself at the end of the day without nicotine and I thought, “ya know, I am okay.” I have not had any since. However, there are some aspects of my life where my self-discipline has grown significantly. In particular, since I started back to college I have been fortunate enough to maintain a 4.0 Institutional GPA (we won’t discuss my GPA from my first bout with college), and have made the Dean’s list every semester. It still blows my mind to think about it because even before I started drinking and drugging I never put in enough effort to maintain straight A’s. I always did just enough to get by but in recovery, I have developed that aspect of self-discipline that pushes me to work harder and do better.

The next topics are sharing and caring. At first, I was not sure why these two were lumped together in the list. But then it hit me like a slap to the face, as the old adage goes “sharing IS caring.” When we care about others we share with them, whatever the need may be, or even if there is no direct need, just being willing to share what you have to offer with someone is the ultimate display of care. These principles work congruently and in the favor of all parties involved. I am guilty of not always sharing or caring, although I am not always aware of that fact. Sometimes I am so blinded by my own self-interests I forget to take others into consideration. I can always use more work and more accountability. My goal for the next couple of days is to focus on the things I have let slip past my gaze and show how much those things matter to me. I wish everyone the best and I hope these posts are helping someone!