31-Day Spiritual Guide: Day 18 – Forgiveness

Ummmmmm. No way. That’s my initial response to forgiveness when I feel someone has wronged me. I have learned in recovery, however, that forgiveness is the polar opposite of resentment and resentment is “the number one offender.” The thing about not forgiving someone is that my lack of forgiveness does nothing to them, but destroys me. That’s right, me. I am the one who carries around that baggage. Those close to me are the unwitting victims of the fallout from the hard feelings I choose to hang on to. I have heard so many times that putting that stuff on paper and sharing it with someone else takes the power away from the resentment, anger, fear, and hatred. When those things have no power left over me, and are no longer renting space in my head, that is when I find real liberation. That is the point of being where I am at peace and have attained serenity. If I am constantly disturbed, that is on me. But it seems to me that the process starts with forgiving myself. Many of the things I don’t like in others are things I do not like in myself. So, when I forgive myself, I gain the capacity to forgive others. When I can forgive others, I can move past the resentments. When I move past the resentments, the only obstacle between me and true freedom is myself. I think forgiveness is a lot like acceptance in that I do not have to like it to do it. I hope everyone had a great hump-day. This post is rather short but I have to get back to studying and working on some assignments. Thanks for reading!