Co-occurring Disorders: Mental Health and SUD’s

Both mental health disorders and substance use disorders, both issues effect a multitude of people separately but there are also a great number of us who have fought with both. That is not to say that our struggle is greater or more difficult than others, we all have a battle to fight and I do not think that one fight should be compared to another as that would be counterproductive. I got diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder after I got clean and sober. Fortunately, my mental health issues weren’t severe enough that I needed an integrated treatment model to get better; but for some, that is certainly not the case. I think it’s a reasonable assumption that many undiagnosed, co-occurring individuals are missing the treatment they so desperately need because the treatment they do receive (if any at all), is not sufficiently meeting their needs. I believe integrated treatment and screening for co-occurring disorders should be improved significantly to help some of those who are slipping through the cracks. Below I have posted a couple of links on co-occurring disorders and I hope to be able to help push the mental health field in a more integrated direction in the future.

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