31-Day Spiritual Guide: Day 24 – Positive Thinking

Good evening, good morning, or good afternoon depending on when you are reading this, thank you for dropping by my little corner of the web for a brief moment. Today in our 31-Day meditation journey our topic is positive thinking. This topic is a very big deal for me, because by nature I am a negative person. I view almost everything as negatively as possible on instinct and that is a very debilitating way to live. Imagine that every goal you would like to accomplish you can’t even get half-way through because you are already convinced you are going to fail. Imagine walking into a room and instantly thinking that everyone thinks you are human garbage. Imagine that even when good things happen, you feel guilty and like you do not deserve them. Imagine spending every waking second for days after a conversation going line by line in your head to figure out if you said anything wrong. Welcome to my alcoholic brain. I have thought this way as far back as I can remember. No evidence to the contrary ever convinced me that I was over analyzing, or imagining things that weren’t there or happening. Now, to be clear, I generally don’t think that way today. I am much more comfortable “in my own skin” and don’t live in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear. Instead, with recovery I have learned that a great majority of what I think is just that, and that what I think has a significant impact on the actions I take. I think this is why the cognitive behavioral model of therapy is relatively successful for alcoholics and drug addicts. We hear in the rooms you have to “act your way into good thinking” and not vice-versa. Essentially a 12-step program is cognitive behavioral therapy with group therapy in the mix. (Just so we are crystal clear, I am not suggesting that anyone forgo therapy and rely solely on one thing, use every resource you can to find what works for you!) With all that said, it brings me into our topic. I am guilty of still getting into some of that “stinkin’ thinkin'” but I am certainly better at it today. Some of the tools I use to keep me in a positive mindset are prayer/meditation, talking to my sponsor, spending time with my kids and wife, and more recently, putting my thoughts down here. Thank you for reading, I really hope someone is getting something useful out of these posts because I know I am! Good night everyone.

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  1. I wish you a lifetime of success and happiness! Remain positive and know that you have supporters! Positive thinking can change everything ♥️

  2. I think positive thinking is a choice, it doesn’t happen by chance. Best wishes in your journey, I’ll be doing the same – looking for ways to see the good.

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