31-Day Spiritual Guide – Day 29 – Gratitude

Today we have one of my favorite topics, gratitude! Being that I posted an A-Z gratitude list last month, I am going to re-post it here again. This is always a good way for me to find some gratitude because it forces me to get creative. Here ya go:

A – Anna, my wife. She is great, a hard worker, an incredible mother, and a blessing in my life.

B – Bread. Even though I am doing low-carb and have to largely stay away from bread right now, I still love it.

C – Cars. I am fortunate to have two paid off vehicles and I am very grateful for that.

D – Direction. I spent most of my life not knowing if I was coming or going and it is nice to have goals to be working toward.

E – Eggs. Eggs are delicious and a large part of my low-carb diet.

F – Freedom. I am free from the bondage of “self-will run riot,” at least, most of the time I am.

G – Gum. I have been nicotine free for a little over a year and gum has been my go-to substitute (nicotine free gum).

H – Harper, my daughter. She is a funny and smart and has really been a blessing in my life. Watching her grow is one of the greatest gifts anyone could hope for.

I – Icecream. Enough said.

J – Jigsaw. I have a jigsaw and it is awesome. What a grown up way to look at things.

K – Krispy-Kreme. If you don’t know why I am grateful for them, you need to check your priorities.

L – Lindsey, our male butterfly Betta fish. We have an unspoken bond, mainly because he doesn’t speak.

M – Mustard. I like mustard on almost everything.

N – Naps. I do not get many of these, but I sure am grateful when I do.

O – Oliver, my son. He has had a rough go of it his first year and a half in the world but he is still just a happy, funny kid.

P – Pizza. As if any other word goes here.

Q – This is a tough one, but I am gonna have to go with Quesadillas, because they are Quesadillas.

R – Relaxation. Just getting some time for self-care and relaxation is a key to good spiritual growth.

S – Steak. That is all I need to put here.

T – Turtles. I love turtles. They are so chill, they take their time, they almost never seem angry (except snapping turtles), what a cool existence plus they carry their home on their backs which is rad.

U – Underwear. I can’t imagine life without a barrier between my nethers and my outside clothes.

V – Violins. I really enjoy listening to classical music on Violins, or any stringed instrument for that matter.

W – Watermelon. It’s my favorite fruit.

X – Xylophones? I dunno, not really a whole lot of X words that I can think of for gratitude.

Y – Yesterday. Yesterday serves as a lesson for me to learn and build from, if I am willing to do so.

Z – Zaxby’s. This will always be on my gratitude list for two reasons. 1. Not a whole lot of Z-words to choose from. 2. Zaxby’s is delicious.

I hope someone was able to get something positive from this post. Thanks for reading everyone and keeping spreading love and hope!

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