Adding Some New Stories! Calling all Recovery Friends!!

Similar to a tweet I put out a few days ago, I would just like to throw this out there: anyone who would like to share their story of recovery – whether it be from drug addiction, debilitating mental health issues, or any other affliction to a place of healing and hope – feel free to contact me by email at to send me your story. Preferrably – a video link would be ideal but I am not gonna be picky, you could send it in a word doc, you could send it with before and after pictures, however you would like to share it it’s up to you! I believe I am going to start posting each individual story on a separate page on the website but I would like to get at least 15 stories up first before I do it that way so if you, or someone you know has a story to tell, hit me up and let’s spread the word!! Including my story, I have four I can put on separate pages as it sits so we need 11 more….let’s get this going my friends. I really want to spread the message of hope! Someone out there is sick and suffering and needs to know they aren’t alone! Thanks!!