For starters, welcome to the new site and thanks for stopping by! Drug addiction/alcoholism and, more specifically, recovery from these addictions, is a passion of mine. The reason for this passion is I am in recovery myself. Often times those of us who get to the end of the rope have no one to turn toward for hope. That is what this site is about. Not only is it my goal to have an open forum for discussion and a place to share stories of recovery, but also to host contact information for treatment centers and hopefully one day have a fund to help people get into a treatment center that just do not have the means or financial family support to get there. I was very fortunate a place was able to take me in, teach me how to recover, teach me how to stay recovered, and teach me how to be a productive member of society. Over the next few weeks I will be compiling a list of contact information and adding them to this website not only for addiction but for resources that are related, whether directly or indirectly, to a substance use disorder. Also, I will leave a page open for anyone who would like to share their story and/or comment ask questions etc., as well as posting my own person blog as often as possible. Recovery has been a very interesting journey for me. It was almost five years ago that I almost lost the battle and my mother almost had to bury her son. I was as destitute as destitute can be, the very junkie I swore I would never be like. But for whatever reason, I was one of the fortunate ones and I do not think I should waste this second chance to help people when it has been so freely given to me. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or any other reason you might have a reason to do so. Thank you again for coming by, I wish you all the best!

– Brandon B.